Four Reasons to Rent in Burlington

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Buying a home used to be a sign of financial status and success, but as times change, renting is becoming more mainstream. More people are renting now more than they ever have in the last 50 years. Millennials are storming apartment complexes to rent, taking more time before they decide to settle down. Instead of throwing a down payment on a large four bedroom house, studios and one-bedroom apartments make up more than half of what millennials are interested in renting as they embark on their career paths.

The debate of buying or renting a place has been cycling the real estate world for decades, but here are four reasons to consider rental apartment complexes Burlington VT has to offer.

  1. Less Responsibility: Millennials are targeted for many reasons. One is the growing focus they have on their careers. This is reflected in the prolonged period of time, many are choosing to wait before they get married and have kids. Renting from apartment complexes allows people a suitable place to live while leaving the main concerns of maintenance up to the landlord. Typically, apartment complexes take care of repairs, regular maintenance procedures, and any other issues that may arise, which are all covered by the monthly rent. If Fido gets a little too carried away digging up the yard or gnawing on the wall, it may irritate the landlord, but that is why there are pet-friendly apartments in Burlington.
  2. Less Financial Responsibility: Renting requires a deposit upfront followed by a monthly payment. While keeping track of the first of the month may seem daunting to some, it is less of a financial responsibility than taking on a house. Renting requires no home insurance, mortgages, or the need to pay property taxes. At the end of the lease, assuming all went well, the security deposit is returned. Everyone enjoys getting money back and the returned deposit can be thought of as a down payment on the next chapter of your life.
  3. Less Commitment: Most apartment complexes lock you into a year lease. Some shorter, some longer, and some simply month-to-month. In the grand scheme of things, the commitment is small and this allows for a person to pick up and leave when they want or need to. When the lease ends, they are free to go and do not have to worry about finding the next person to fill their spot, nor do they have to worry about selling the property like they would with a home.
  4. Things to Do in Burlington VT: Burlington VT is situated on the eastern shores of Lake Champlain on the northwest side of Vermont. It offers gorgeous lake views along with opportunities to enjoy the lake through participation in water sports and festivals. It is a university town and home to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Burlington is known for its diverse cultural atmosphere with close access to markets and nightlife. It is the perfect city living to experience from the comfort of a downtown apartment complex.

Renting from an apartment complex allows you to experience an area before making that final decision of where to settle down. If you don’t like one location, you can give it a fair shot with a year lease and then opt to rent in a new location. It is important to experience what you can in life and renting is one way to allow easy movement without the hassle of massive financial responsibilities or other commitments. Take time to check out the apartment complexes Burlington has to offer before making your next move.