Vermont’s Finest: Why Burlington Is The Best

two bedroom apartmentsAs the sixth smallest state in the U.S. with the second smallest population, Vermont may seem like just a speck on the map. This little state packs a big punch with its well-renowned cities and residents who will tell anyone willing to listen that Vermont is America’s hidden gem. With a population of about 42,556 people and a median resident age of 26, Burlington is Vermont’s largest city and premiere spot for young professionals to settle. While you search rental properties for the top two bedroom apartments, be sure to build a strong list of things to do once you’re there.


For Foodies

With its lower population, Vermont has abundant farmland, making its local restaurants, breweries, and chocolateries popular attractions. Burlington is home to the Magic Hat Brewing Company, a Victorian-Gothic, circus-themed brewery that offers free tours and a stocked bar with complimentary tastings. During factory hours you can wander on your own in a self-guided tour, or you can take a guided informative tour that will educate you in all things Magic Hat.

Burlington’s farmer’s market is held year-round (in indoor or outdoor locations according to the season) and hosts an incredible selection of local vegetables, meats, cheeses, and more. The market is located just off the central Church Street Marketplace, a popular Burlington destination with over 100 shops, restaurants, and street vendors. If you’re looking for a sweeter experience, Lake Champlain Chocolates offers through-the-window tours of their factory during the week and free chocolate tastings on the weekend.


For Outdoor Adventurers

Considered one of the more rural areas in the United States, Vermont has many trails, waterways, and mountains to explore. Right in Burlington’s center is Waterfront, a neighborhood featuring a beautiful park and, as the name suggests, a perfect spot on the waterfront of Lake Champlain. You can spend the afternoon riding on Waterfront Park’s scenic bike path or catch the sunset on the lake’s shore.

As a small trip to get everyone out of their two bedroom apartments, go southeast to the Green Mountain Audubon Center. This area is perfect for nature lovers with five miles of nature trails and 255 acres filled with various wildlife. If you are more comfortable on the water, you can look into Paddlesurf Champlain and the Lake Champlain Ferries for more nautical adventures.


For Culture Junkies

Burlington is a historic city, cultivating its visual arts and live performances over many decades. The Shelburne Museum has a great collection of artifacts, such as quilts and American Art that are on display from homes in the 1950s, as well as pieces from French impressionists Monet and Degas. The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts houses many kinds of performances that fit everyone’s fancy, including ballets, mariachi bands, and more.


These days, many cities are overcrowded, with messy public transportation and very little green space. Burlington is different. It is still a city, with endless spots to explore and things to experience, but it is surrounded by and filled with nature. Burlington is the perfect spot for all looking to settle in two bedroom apartments, but also for those looking to explore everything around them.