What Should You Look for in a Dog-Friendly Apartment?

pet friendly apartmentsWhen you’re looking for a new apartment, there are probably a lot of different features on your “must-have” checklist: easy access to laundry, a great view, and maybe just heat that works are just a few possibilities. But if you have one of the 75 million pet dogs in the U.S. moving with you, then you’re going to need to look at pet friendly apartments. Finding apartment complexes that allow pets can be challenging, so here are a few things to look for in potential rental apartments.


Consider the policy: One of the first things you should ask about is is the apartment’s pet policy. Apartments will either say they don’t allow pets or that they allow pets and have regulations that need to be followed. Pet policies may talk about the types of breeds that are allowed, weight limits, monthly fees, and other pet rules. It’s obviously important to know these things so you can ensure your pet will be allowed. If not, you need to look elsewhere — so before anything else, ask about their pet policy.


Look for amenities: When you live in an apartment with your pet, you want to make sure it’s going to be comfortable and convenient for both of you. This is why you should consider any additional features or amenities the complex offers pet owners. For example, does the complex have a nice, big outdoor area for your dog to run around in and do their business? Or is the complex at least close to a big grassy area nearby? Thinking about convenience will help ensure you’re choosing the best apartment for you and your dog.


Make sure there’s enough room: Whether you have a small dog or a big dog, you need to make sure there is enough room for them in the apartment. Consider the size and layout of the apartment — do you think your dog will have enough room to run around inside? Of course, outdoor space is important, too. But if your pup spends a lot of time indoors, then you need to give them enough space to not feel cramped.


It’s not always easy finding pet friendly apartments, especially if you have a larger dog. But if you keep these considerations in mind and put your pup’s needs first, then you should find the perfect apartment in no time.